Beyonce And More Denounce The Trump Administration For Rescinding LGBT Legislation

President Donald Trump rescinded a guidance put in place by Barack Obama urging schools to allow trans youth to use the bathroom of their choice on February 23. Betsy DeVos’ heart almost grew three sizes, but eventually the administration fell in lock-step to take yet another marginalized group down a peg. Hearing the news, Beyonce joined a wave of musicians speaking out on behalf of LGBT people and urging allies to rally around them.

“#LGBTQ students need to know we support them,” she wrote. “Share your support to #protecttransyouth at & put #KindnessInAction.”

Beyonce linked to 100 Days Of Kindness, a campaign to show LGBTQ students that there are people out there who have their back.

Tegan and Sara also encouraged their fans to donate or support LGBTQ causes on their Instagram.

The duo — who are both gay themselves — urged their followers to speak up and get involved.

“This is a crucial time in our history,” the band wrote in an Instagram post. “Transgender rights are CIVIL RIGHTS. No matter where you are on the LGBTQ spectrum this should hit you close to home. We MUST stand up for our family because we are stronger TOGETHER. Do NOT be silent.”

Other artists took to social media to vent their spleens. Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear called the decision “downright malicious and evil” in a profanity-laced post to Instagram.

And Laura Jane Grace — the trans frontwoman of Floridian punk icons Against Me! — spoke to Rolling Stone about the issue before posting a Trump-bashing snippet to her own Instagram.

The backlash against the mean-spirited move extends well beyond the music world, however. Trump supporter Caitlyn Jenner thought that the repeal was a bridge too far in a pitch-perfect recitation of that “Leopards Eating People’s Faces” joke. And Trump’s much-beloved big businesses were also quick to speak out against the move.