The Final Night Of Beyonce’s Formation Tour Was A Star Studded Affair

There are few stars on Earth with the orbit of Beyonce Knowles. Never has that been more apparent than the closing night of Bey’s Formation tour, by way of the suction of her massive gravitational pull, numerous starts ascended upon MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford to be a part of the Queen’s night.

Some of the star-studded guest appearances were practical, Serena Williams appeared on stage during Bey’s performance of “Sorry” to twerk and tell that boy bye.

Kendrick showed up to run through “Freedom” for the first time on the tour.

And of course Jay Z was there to do the power couple thing.

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Throughout it all, Yonce seemed to be having the time of her life and always remained the brightest star in the room. And while plenty of stars waltzed onto the stage to perform alongside the queen, the backstage happenings were just as eventful. Only Beyonce could reunite the original Murder Inc.

Beyonce even had a sudden wave of activity on her Instagram, because what’s a girl to do when she’s in New York and loving her and her daughter’s outfits.

Conspicuously the soundtrack for that bit of fun was Chance The Rapper, of course.

All of that was fine and dandy, and looked like a ton of fun, but nothing was as amazing as Bey and her rapper squat. Truly, as this Twitter user put it, the whole hood does f**k with Beyonce. Everybody does.