Beyonce Announced A New…Something Called ‘Lemonade’ And The Reactions Were Priceless

Though it was meant to be a joke, Beyoncé literally could record herself sneezing and the internet would lose its mind. So when she announced “Lemonade”, a mystery project that could be actual new music, Twitter straight up erupted into a flurry of
gifs and bee emojis.

First, the status of the Beyhive needed to be addressed:

A few people wondered why Beyoncé would leave her fans waiting for several whole days:

As with all Bey announcements, there were those who simply couldn’t handle it:

And a huge swath of mega-fans were worried that those around them would fail to properly genuflect when the time came:

A few people – this writer included – were sincerely hoping that it was a cover of a new classic:

And a lot of them were trying to figure out how to watch something that’s on HBO:

The conspiracy theories came soon after. But in a refreshing twist, they weren’t about the Illuminati for once:

Of course, we won’t know anything until Beyoncé wants us to know. The woman is a vault who must have hitmen on retainer to keep leaks in check. We’ll all find out together on April 23rd at 9PM EST on HBO.