Beyonce Helped Megan Thee Stallion Earn Her First Top-10 Single With The ‘Savage’ Remix

On Mondays, Billboard reveals what songs occupy the top ten spots of the upcoming Hot 100 chart, and today’s dispatch was full of fascinating bits of trivia. They mostly relate to Travis Scott and Kid Cudi’s collaboration “The Scotts” debuting in the No. 1 spot, but this week also put a new trophy on Megan Thee Stallion’s shelf: Thanks to the new Beyonce remix of “Savage,” the single has become Megan’s first top-10 song.

“Savage” jumped ten spots on the chart dated May 9, up from No. 14 all the way to No. 4 (so yes, “Savage” is also Megan’s first top-5 song). Megan offered a simple reaction of “OMGGGGGG” on Twitter, but elaborated more in an Instagram post, writing, “I really want to cry right now like oh my god !!!! This is my first top 10 b*tch my first top 5 !!!! Likeeeeee hottiessss we really doing this sh*t ! We aint never give up we doing everything they said we wouldn’t!!!! I said jwhite give me a beat I can go off on and he did. Thank you @beyonce ! I’m just happy to be here man THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!”

Megan was beyond pumped when she first heard Beyonce’s contributions to her song, saying in a recent Instagram Live session, “I know that they say manifest it, but b*tch: that’s a real thing! That is a real thing. Manifestation is a real word. I ain’t know that! […] I just really can’t believe it. I heard it for the first time and I called my grandma, and I was like in f*cking shambles. I was really crying, I was like, ‘I really got a f*cking song with Beyonce.'”