The Hip-Hop World Is On Fire With Praise For Beyonce’s Swaggering ‘Top Off’ Verse


Who’s going to be the hottest new rapper of 2018? At this moment it may not be a new, upstart rhymer, but someone who already happens to be the biggest pop star in the world: Beyonce. She’s played around with rhymes before, but her being able to hold her own with her husband Jay-Z and Future on DJ Khaled’s “Top Off” was a moment many people are still recovering from. We recently made a post championing Rihanna’s bars, and now it looks like Beyonce could be next up on the “sanga-turnt-rappa” lane. From the subtle shade at Tiffany Haddish (did she learn that from Jay?) to the Free Meek shoutout, Queen B did a lot with her 8 bars on the charging production.

The Beyhive loves championing seemingly everything Beyonce is involved in – but her braggadocios bars made them even more dangerous. From fans to other rappers to Ms. Haddish herself, people showed love to B’s bars. Could they be in line for some more? It’s worth noting that the Jay-Z-Beyonce project has long been rumored to be in the works, and we got some confirmation last November that it may actually exist. Will she be doing more rhymes on the album? It makes too much sense not to happen. If the project drops and the internet breaks, we’ll have to recollect ourselves and reflect on it. In the meantime, check out the reaction to Beyoncé’s “Top Off” verse.