Big KRIT Rewrites His Legacy On A Comeback Double Album, ‘4eva Is A Mighty Long Time’

10.31.17 2 years ago 9 Comments

Big KRIT is obsessed with the concept of “forever.”

So many of his albums — official retail releases and otherwise — revolve around the idea of legacy. Even down to his chosen pseudonym: King Remembered In Time. He began to script his own legacy from the very first major release, titled KRIT Was Here, telling us his goal right from the beginning. Yet, somehow, he got lost along the way. Despite the tremendous reception of his soul-drenched, bass-heavy sound, with two underperforming albums at Def Jam and a plethora of misinformed social media jokes about the monotony of his sound, it seemed that, cruelly, his ultimate destiny was to fade away, the man known as Justin Scott becoming little more than an internet meme parody of Big KRIT, the performer. But 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time might be the turning point that takes him from underappreciated critical favorite to a true king, cementing his legacy as one of the greats of this generation, and part of how it accomplishes that is by allowing those two halves of KRIT to coexist.

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