Everyone’s Parents Had Thoughts About Big Sean’s Thanksgiving Performance

As a Detroit native, it makes perfect sense that the recently-free from GOOD Music Big Sean would be the artist tapped to perform a halftime show during today’s Lion’s game, aka their annual Thanksgiving Day showdown against the Chicago Bears. But what performances like this one always seem to evoke, is the best reactions from parents who aren’t normally tuned into the hip-hop world. Plenty of parents are off work and at home with their children on a holiday like today, and it seems that every single one of those otherwise attentive parents had thoughts about just what was going on when Big Sean hit the stage.

In a unique start, Sean began his performance from the stands, surprising fans who were in the area:

Although it might look like they were unenthused by the performance, perhaps they were just surprised? Hell, most of us haven’t been to a massive arena show for a year and a half at this point, so these fans might just be rusty. Or already annoyed because the Lions are, frankly, not doing their best today. However, all the parents at home were letting their kids know their thoughts on the show, and those children took action the only way that makes sense when you’re stuck at home on a holiday — posted it on Twitter. Since Sean brought out his own parents to close out the performance, it’s only right everyone else’s weighs in. Check out some reactions below.