A Power Outage At Bears-Lions Interrupted The Thanksgiving Day Halftime Show

A power outage interrupted the early football game on Thanksgiving Day, and it wasn’t just Mitch Trubisky and the Chicago Bears to blame. Chicago traveled to Detroit to play the Lions, and the first half featured undrafted rookie David Blough looking very comfortable against the Bears defense.

Thanksgiving Day games often have Super Bowl-style halftime shows with special guests, and this game was no different as country act Brothers Osbourne took the stage with the Lions up 17-10. A few notes into the song, however, the screen cut to grey and the music suddenly stopped.

The audible ‘awww’ from the crowd almost sounds too perfect to be real, but it was. Fans on the field for the halftime show looked incredibly confused, as did the musicians on the stage. What followed was an extremely awkward few minutes as the Fox broadcast wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

It was especially uncomfortable for the musicians and dancers on the stage behind the duo, as a giant sheet was hung up over them.

Fox showed the scene as Joe Buck and Troy Aikman debated what to do live on air, wondering whether they should just keep talking about David Blough.

Eventually, they got through the first verse, the curtain fell on the rest of the stage and the song went on uninterrupted. But it was an uncomfortable few moments for a highly-choreographed halftime performance. The delay meant some players were already on the field warming back up again, including the Lions kicker.

Overall everything got done and there wasn’t much of a delay, but it certainly made for some awkward television and some behind-the-scenes scrambling.