Blueface Increases His Estimate Of Women He’s Slept With To 10,000

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Blueface‘s antics have amused audiences since the breakout of his hit song, “Thotiana,” but he’s slowly edging his way from “charmingly incorrigible” to “outright creepy” with his latest anecdotes. The LA rapper made waves online last week by claiming he had sex with 1,000 women in the last six months, which seemed outlandish, but just feasible enough to seem truthful. However, it appears he felt that number wasn’t impressive enough because now, he’s upped his estimate by a factor of ten.

During an interview at Real Street Fest, where he performed this weekend, he claimed he was being “humble” (insert massive eye-roll here), and said his math was off. “Might have been a little humble, you know,” he said. “They said the average was five a day.” When he was asked flat-out whether the figure was higher, he cracked, “”10,000, f*ck it. 10,000!”

For the sake of argument, that would have averaged out to around 50 or so trysts a day. Now you have to wonder whether anyone’s ever used the phrase “two-pump chump” around Blueface, because he seems inordinately proud of his speed in the sack. It’s pretty bad form to kiss and tell, but is it better or worse than lying about your body count? In either case, maybe Blueface might want to chill out because the schtick is quickly wearing out its novelty. All the social media bait is cute, but maybe he should focus on the music, like his rather good Dirt Bag EP, which dropped this past Friday.

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