Bobby Shmurda Is A Wide-Eyed Hustler In His Video For ‘No Time For Sleep Freestyle’

At long last, after nearly seven years, the world has received new music from Bobby Shmurda. The rapper’s last official release came at the end of 2014. Soon after, Shmurda was arrested and sentenced to prison for conspiracy to commit murder and weapons charges.

In February, after nearly seven years behind bars, the rapper was released from jail which opened the door for him to make an epic comeback to the hip-hop world. After taking some time to get reacclimated to the world and deliver some performances like the one he did at Miami’s Rolling Loud festival, Shmurda is back with new music.

The rapper returns with a “No Time For Sleep” freestyle. The track presents him as a wide-eyed hustler who’s on a constant grind to earn his riches and survive, even if it means missing out on a doctor’s order of eight hours of sleep per night. The track also comes with a fiery matching visual that finds the rappers posted with a heavy collection of weapons and women who are down to fire away if necessary.

Shmurda’s “No Time For Sleep” freestyle comes after he teamed up with J Balvin and Daddy Yankee to remix Eladio Carrion’s “Tata.” Shortly after that was shared with the world, the rapper opened up about his post-prison mindset in a recent interview with the New York Times. “I ain’t mad about going to jail, because my mind-state now versus my mind-state before — I probably would’ve been in jail for life before,” he said. “The stuff that’s going to get you in trouble or put you in that situation, you can see that from miles away.”

You can listen to the freestyle in the video above.