Bobby Shmurda’s Prison Sentence Was Extended After His Plea On A Contraband Charge

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Bobby Shmurda will have to wait a few extra years before he becomes a free man again. On Thursday, the embattled young rapper accepted a plea deal that will ultimately extend his sentence for a few additional years, per a report by Billboard.

While behind bars, Shmurda was hit with an additional charge of promoting prison contraband when he and a female friend, Kimberly Rousseau, were caught trying to smuggle a “shank” into Rikers Island in June 2015. The charge carried with it a potential seven-year sentence if Shmurda was found guilty. By accepting a plea in the case, the Brooklyn native will see his existing sentence extended by 1.3 to 4 years per the report. Rousseau plead guilty in August 2015 with the possibility of having her record expunged if she stayed out of trouble for one year.

In September 2016, Shmurda accepted a plea deal on conspiracy and weapons possession and was sentenced to seven years. With time served, he could have potentially been released from jail in approximately three years. Since his newest sentence does not appear to run concurrently, he will have to stay behind bars at least one additional year, if not the full four.

The budding rapper star was originally arrested in December 2014.