Bobby Shmurda Returns To The Stage At Rolling Loud For One Of His First Post-Prison Performances

Looks like Bobby Shmurda just took the stage for his first official show back now that he’s officially out of prison. Though Shmurda was slated to appear at the All Star Weekend this spring to perform alongside 50 Cent, that show was unexpectedly canceled. So when the line-up for Rolling Loud was announced this past April, fans were eager to get a do-over for the “Hot N—-” rapper’s long-awaited return.

When Shmurda went to prison back in 2016 on a plea deal along with fellow GS-9 crew member Rowdy Rebel, the pair were some of the, ahem, hottest artists out. Now, it’s still unclear if Bobby can return to his former glory after all this time has passed, but considering his first hit was a product of the viral Shmoney dance and spread via social media clips, it seems like he already has the blueprint down, no? And considering Migos have his back several times over, and he’s closely following his parole guidelines, it looks like he’s well on his way to a come back.

Check out some clips of Bobby’s performance below, and here’s hoping he’ll be gracing a lot more stages this year. If anyone deserves a chance to get back on stage and prove his worth, it’s an artist like him who tragically had his career cut short.