Boosie Claims He Was Banned From Planet Fitness For His Comments About Zaya Wade

Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz recently sparked an intense debate online when he posted to Instagram questioning Dwyane Wade’s parenting choices in the wake of Wade’s public support for his daughter coming out as transgender. In response, Boosie ranted that D Wade had “gone too f*cking far” and argued that, at twelve years old, Zaya wouldn’t “have sh*t figured out yet.” He also demonstrated a woeful misunderstanding of what it means to be transgender.

However, it seems at 37 years old, Boosie hasn’t quite figured out that words and actions have consequences, but it looks like that’s a lesson he’s in the process of (resisting) learning today. Once again posting to Instagram, he claimed that the “gay” manager of a local Planet Fitness barred him from using the facilities over his comments about Zaya Wade, saying, “MANAGER WHO WAS GAY REFUSED TO LET ME N PLANET FITNESS BECAUSE OF MY PAST ACTIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA ABOUT GENDER.” He also reeled off a list of complaints — which included roaches and a lack of hot water — about the facilities as well, calling on his followers to boycott the gym.

Unfortunately, he also doubled down on his earlier bigotry, writing, “B*TCH U WANT A GAY CHILD BUT DONT NOBODY WANT TO HAVE A BABY FOR YO SISSY ASS NOW U MAD,” which is about as hateful as it is nonsensical. Meanwhile, Boosie is still being excoriated online outside of his own Instagram comments, with observers wondering why Dwyane Wade would take parenting advice from Boosie in the first place, considering some of the rapper’s own questionable parenting decisions.

Watch Boosie’s rant video above.