Bow Wow Is Making A Return To Music Because Diddy Called Him A ‘F*cking Legend’

In a recent Ebro In The Morning interview, Bow Wow — yes, that Bow Wow — credited Diddy with inspiring his newfound fervor for rap and his return to music. The onetime teen star has a new song out, which you can hear below, and has plans to attempt another comeback with the almighty Sean Combs co-sign.

He says he’s “locked in” now because on a recent trip to “aka Love“‘s house, his host grabbed him up and told him “You’re a f*cking legend, bro. Cut the bullsh*t out… I don’t wanna see sh*t else” than the music. Bow says Diddy’s words caused him to reflect on his career and his access to top-tier rap talent and forced him to reconsider any activity outside of hitting the studio.

While he says he didn’t think about the social media antics that have damaged his brand, he does see the renewed attention as a possible benefit. “OK, you got everybody’s attention,” he recalls, “Everybody talking shit. There’s only a few ways you can turn this shit around. Get to work, get to work. If everybody on you, everybody calling, everybody joking, you got the light on you, turn it around.”

He says he now has it under control, because he’s seen all the greats make mistakes, but that a hot project can be difference between a comeback story or a laughingstock. He says he found the love for rap again, and has a project on the way under the So So Def banner but doesn’t feel pressure because his bills are paid from his TV work. However, he does note he’s turned down certain acting gigs because his focus now is solely on the music. We’ll see if that pans out, but in the meantime, you can check out his clubby new single, “Yeaahh,” below.