Brockhampton Delivered A Third Round Of Singles With ‘Baby Bull,’ ‘Downside,’ And ‘I.F.L.’

As they prepare their next body of work and follow up to their 2019 album Ginger, Brockhampton has been on a roll in May with their music. The group shared a pair singles for fans for the past weeks, starting with “Things Can’t Stay The Same” and “N.S.T.” before returning the following week with “M.O.B.” and “Twisted.” Keeping their streak of weekly releases alive, the boy band returns with not two, but three new singles for fans this week.

Returning with “Baby Bull,” “Downside,” and “I.F.L.,” which stands for “I Feel Like,” Brockhampton continues to add music to what seems more like a Technical Difficulties series than an upcoming album. “Baby Bull” sees vocal contributions from Kevin Abstract, Henock Sileshi, Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, bearface, and Jabari Manwa and finds the artists describing the lengths they would go to make their significant other happy over the acoustic production.

“Downside” finds Matt Champion speaking on the often-overlooked negative aspects of fame and the effects of his work ethic on himself. The track also features Ryan Beatty who also contributed to last week’s “Twisted.” Lastly, Matt Champion, Joba, and Kevin Abstract connect for “I.F.L.” On the song, the trio makes it clear that outsiders will not be welcomed to alter the group’s dynamic, one that has proved to work well for their careers.

“Things Can’t Stay The Same,” “N.S.T.,” “M.O.B.,” and “Twisted” were all removed from Brockhampton’s YouTube page shortly after they were posted so the same can be expected for “Baby Bull,” “Downside,” and “I.F.L.”