Brockhampton Are Delaying Their ‘Team Effort’ Album — With A Divine Reason

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Brockhampton have delayed their upcoming album Team Effort but provided a really good reason for the delay. In fact, one could even call it a “divine” reason.

The LA-based hip-hop supergroup took to their Twitter to announce that Team Effort would be pushed back by request of the biggest boss of all: God. They posted an image of a pair of dog tags along with text that read, “Team Effort was scheduled to be released next week but we spoke to God and she told us to save the album for another time.”

While there’s very little information to determine just why the creator of all things decided the album wasn’t ready yet, I suppose that’s her prerogative as the supreme being of the universe. As it happens, Brockhampton’s Saturation 3 was technically supposed to be their final album as a group, so maybe she’s just keeping them honest.

It’s possible the group is just very busy with their Love Your Parents tour, especially after extending the tour to include several European dates as the Stereo Spirit tour. It can’t be easy to manage the logistics of putting over ten people in the studio while also shuttling them around from city to city, so we’ll forgive them for the delay, so long as they eventually make good.