Brockhampton’s ‘If You Pray Right’ Video Is A Surreal Day In The Park

Brockhampton is breadcrumbing the release of their upcoming studio album Ginger. After announcing the project would be arriving in August, the band dropped a video for their single “I Been Born Again.”

It looks like the rap group is keeping with the surrealist religious theme for their second new track in as many weeks, “If You Pray Right.” Like the dizzying video for “I Been Born Again,” this one is also directed by Spencer Ford, who loves an artistic, unexpected visual. For “If You Pray Right,” Brockhampton wear silver Hazmat suits for an afternoon in the park with some blue-painted people.

The blue people running through the background are reminiscent of the Na’vi people in Avatar. Coupled with the sardonic evangelism described in the song, it’s an eerie, unsettling effect. But while I see (and hear) a teardown of colonialism upon first watch and listen, “If You Pray Right” is full of references, thoughtful verses, and, of course, a sick beat. You can listen endlessly and still discover new ways this song rocks.

Brockhampton’s album Ginger is apparently forthcoming sometime this month. An exact release date hasn’t been announced yet, but this is the second Wednesday night in a row that Brockhampton has dropped a new song, so maybe there’s a pattern there.

Watch the video for “If You Pray Right” above.