Brockhampton Take The Next Step Toward Superstardom By Signing To RCA Records

When Brockhampton announced that their upcoming album Team Effort was postponed due to a divine instruction from God herself, their fans were disappointed but suspicious that more was going on behind the scenes. Now, a possible explanation for the album’s pushback has surfaced: The 14-member “boy band” has signed a recording contract with RCA Records.

The band made the announcement via their Twitter page (of course), posting a photo of the RCA logo with “Brockhampton” graffitied across it. In small print at the bottom, the photo reads, “As of March 30, 2018, Brockhampton will be artists under a recording contract for RCA Records.” The band’s frontman Kevin Abstract gave further details on his own page.

“Nothing changes we still in this living room making songs, making out, and all of that,” he clarified, before joking that, “RCA just gon’ help us push this gay agenda.” He also posted a longer explanation on his Instagram, explaining that, “we have decided to partner with RCA and the next records will be released through those guys. i wanted to be very clear about this and let y’all know that nothin changes. videos still diy, music still made in our house, and we’re still gonna make the best possible product for y’all. they understood that we wanted to be the biggest boyband in the world and I’m a firm believer in not being able to do everything on your own. Find people whose morals and vision align with yours and follow that. Apple had to get out of the garage at some point. thanks for giving a fuck and thanks for my management for guiding us in the best possible direction.”

The message sparked heartfelt congratulations from at least one of their famous admirers: Tyler The Creator, who made it a point to tell Kevin “you don’t have to explain yourself to these people. Do what you do. Keep it pushing.”


As one of Brockhampton’s most obvious influences, the statement from the older artist clearly made an impression on Kevin Abstract himself who couldn’t help wondering if it was real or not.

The group will be releasing its next album, Puppy, this summer, and hopefully, Team Effort will make its own way out of the garage as well.