Bryson Tiller Falls Through A Desert Vortex In His Mind-Spinning Video For ‘Sorrows’

Bryson Tiller made his return to the music world last October with his third album, Anniversary, a great step upward from his 2017 project, True To Self. Nearly four months after releasing his third album, Bryson offers his video for the track “Sorrows.”

The Lousiville singer begins the video by wandering the endless horizons of a desert. He stumbles across a woman when suddenly they’re both pulled into a vortex and sent plummeting down to a world beneath them. Bryson soon finds himself standing in a similar desert that’s riddled with clocks floating around him. Later on, nightfall arrives and Bryson’s body is replaced by an unidentifiable human whose head is a hologram of the singer’s face.

The video video comes months after Bryson tapped Kehlani to play his intimate partner in a video for “Always Forever.” On a more recent note, the singer promised a deluxe version of Anniversary was on the way. An on-screen message during his December appearance on Sneaker Shopping with Complex previously said the deluxe reissue would arrive at some point in February. He also revealed his long-awaited Serenity album would be split into a triple-disc with a rap side, an R&B side, and a pop side.

You can watch the video for “Sorrows” above.

Anniversary is out now via RCA. Get it here.