Every Single Track On BTS’ ‘Persona’ Debuted In The ‘Billboard’ Top 40 Digital Songs Chart

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BTS‘ new EP Map Of The Soul: Persona only came out a week ago, but the record is already breaking records left and right. According to new data shared by Nielsen and reported by Forbes, every single song on Persona is in the Billboard Top 40 Digital Songs sales chart.

The Digital Songs chart ranks the top-selling tracks of each week. With a fanbase as strong (both in numbers and passion) as BTS’, it’s no surprise that Army were able to take their band to the top of the chart. Single “Boy With Luv,” which features Halsey, leads the way as the third-bestselling song on the chart last week. Although “Boy With Luv” is the only track to make the top 10, “Make It Right” and “Mikrokosmos” come in at nos. 13 and 19, respectively.

With overall music sales declining with the rise of streaming services, releasing a song with high digital sales number is an impressive achievement. Releasing seven best-selling songs is an even bigger achievement. Even Drake, J. Cole, and the biggest streaming giants rarely move this many digital copies in a week. The official Billboard charts haven’t updated to include the new sales data yet, but something tells me these won’t be the last records BTS smashes.