Buddy Calls Out Cultural Appropriators On ‘Black 2’

On his debut album, Harlan & Alondra, Compton rapper Buddy celebrated Black culture with the song “Black,” a defiant declaration of self-pride that stuck out nestled among the summery, soulful anthems. Now, as the political climate warms up along with the weather, Buddy once again delivers a needed letter of encouragement with “Black 2.” The follow-up finds Buddy once again listing the contributions of Black culture to the mainstream, this time over a more contemplative beat, summing up his thesis with the line, “Everybody wanna be Black, don’t nobody wanna be a n****.”

This time, rather than listing Black accomplishments, Buddy lays claim to Black cultural artifacts, calling out folks who want dreads, darker skin, and the cachet that comes from being a rapper or athlete, saying, “Sorry, it’s a Black thing.” He also shouts out LA’s Taste Of Soul festival, Spike Lee, and gumbo, while reminding culture vultures of the price that comes with enjoying the culture: “You wanna be just like me, huh? / ‘Til the police wanna lock me up.” It’s a poignant but subtle reference to the current focus on police brutality in the news, cluing wannabes into the fact of their privilege while still praising all the reasons Black people have to love ourselves.

Listen to Buddy’s “Black 2” above.