Bully’s Video For ‘Guess There’ Is The Saddest Story About A Snail Ever Told

Last year, Bully released their first album for new label Sub Pop, the blistering Losing which Uproxx declared one of the best rock albums of the year. In our interview with leader Alicia Bognanno last year, Derrick Rossignol called the band “one of the most bombastic punk bands playing rapid-fire riffs and kicking musical ass today.” A year later, and that statement feels just as true.

Today the group is back with a new video from last year’s collection, this time for the track “Guess There.” The clip is directed by Aleia Murawski and Samuel Copeland, and follows a storyline that almost anyone can relate to. The character wakes up, eats breakfast, takes a shower, and plays a little morning basketball. It’s all strikingly mundane, with the twist being that it is, in fact, a snail leading this life of monotony. It’s fun watching the macro-shot footage of the snail slithering all over a dollhouse-sized setting, but the video takes a sad turn when it is revealed that the snail harbors a loneliness and longs for the past. Apparently, snails have feelings, too.

Check out the saddest snail video ever created up above, and revisit Bully’s recent album, Losing, available now via Sub Pop.