Calvin Harris And Zayn Malik Had A Twitter Fight Over Miley Cyrus And Taylor Swift

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Miley Cyrus. Taylor Swift. A guy who is dating Taylor Swift. A guy who used to be in One Direction. You mix them all together, and you throw in a Twitter feud, and you get a huge music story, and it actually sort of has something to do with music too.

It all began when Zayn Malik, formally of the boy band juggernaut One Direction, retweeted a quote from Cyrus juxtaposed with a quote from Swift. Cyrus’ quote was about how she’s got enough money and doesn’t care if people buy her music. This reflects similar statements Cyrus made in an interview with Marie Claire where she indicted her next album may be free and also objected to Taylor Swift’s violent “Bad Blood” video. The Swift quote was about why her music isn’t on Spotify. This is where Calvin Harris, world-famous DJ and producer who is dating Swift, stepped in. Things escalated from there.

Harris, who is super rich himself, took to the side of the poor artist struggling to make it in the music industry, and how Swift was standing up for those people when she pulled her music from Spotify and later called out Apple Music. Malik called Harris old. Harris is 31, for the record.

In short, you have Malik riding for noted free spirit (and very rich musician) Miley Cyrus, while Harris is defending his lady (and very rich musician) Taylor Swift. Did any of these folks cover themselves in glory with this interaction? We’ll let you decide that for yourself, but this is an argument on Twitter. Few people come out of those looking good.

(Via Complex)