Cardi B Dons A Leather Bikini To Show Off Her Baby Bump And Rap ‘Wild Side’

The past month has been busy for Cardi B. Towards the end of June, she popped up at the BET Awards and revealed that she is pregnant again. Then, a few days ago, she hopped on Normani’s new single, “Wild Side.” Now she has brought those two events together in a new Twitter video.

Cardi begins the clip lip-syncing Normani’s hook while wearing a green mesh outfit. When it comes time for Cardi’s verse, everything changes. The scene shifts to Cardi sitting on a black box and wearing a leather bikini, which offers a good look at her baby bump.

After the original “Wild Side” video dropped, Cardi declared that had she not been pregnant, the visual would have looked a lot different. She tweeted, “If I wasn’t pregnant I would of done a lit ass pole video to wildside ….but I am so imma just have to do a video rolling on the floor like peppa pig.”

Also recently, Cardi showed off how she was able to hide her baby bump for so long by demonstrating with a video that made clever use of angles.

Check out the “Wild Side” clip above.

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