Cardi B Shares Her Vision For Diverse Female Artists In The Music Industry

While Cardi B remains an ever-present voice on social media, it’s been a while since the rapper has actually released new music. That all will change this Friday when Cardi joins forces with Megan Thee Stallion for the brand new track “Wap.” Ahead of the single’s release, Cardi hopped on an interview to talk about her career and give her view for the future of music.

Amid her single’s rollout, Cardi took some time to sit down with Apple Music’s Beats 1 to discuss her music and vision of a female-led music industry. The rapper said she hopes to see a diverse array of artists that women everywhere can relate to:

“I feel like there should be different female artists that everybody can relate to. Somebody might relate to me, or my past — I was a dancer. I was in the streets. But then somebody could relate to another female artist that was a schoolgirl or something. Some female artists are like more tomboyish than others. And some female artists can relate to the girly type of person. And some females can relate to the pop your pussy type of female artist. So I feel like there should be variety.”

This isn’t the first time since Cardi B has talked about being an inspiration for women in the industry. Last October, the rapper said her major-label record deal offered a guiding light for other female rappers who weren’t getting recognition in the industry.

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