Cardi B Reveals She Has Spoken With Joe Biden And Says ‘He Understands The People’s Pain’

When it comes to using your voice and speaking up for your community, you can count on Cardi B. The rapper has spoken up time and time again about topics like the coronavirus, politics, social injustice, artistic diversity, and more. An avid supporter of Bernie Sanders and his presidential run earlier this year, Cardi has now shifted her attention to Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. Fresh off her “Wap” single with Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi took to The Breakfast Club to force her support for the former Vice President.

The conversation began when Cardi was asked how she felt about being “stuck with Biden” after Sanders ended his campaign for president. She replied, “I’m salty but I’m okay.” She then revealed that she spoke to Biden, and after a bit of persuasion from the hosts she went in detail about their conversation.

What I’m saying is that I know him. I always felt like Biden balanced Obama because I thought he was conservative and that’s what swayed the conservative votes, the ones in the middle. Knowing him and everything, I think he’s getting it and I think he understands the people’s pain. He’s getting what we want. People think we want so much, but we want really simple things if you really think about it.

Cardi said she stressed to Biden that the people “don’t want no false promises,” adding, “We don’t want no fake sh*t to get people voting. This is what we want. Please make it happen.” Cardi then took a shot at those who complain about being “stuck with Biden” but failed to show their support for Sanders during his campaign. “When I interviewed Bernie and I kept telling people to make sure y’all do your research on these people and vote, and they were like, ‘Shut up, b*tch. You don’t speak no English.’ And now you’re mad!”, she said.

You can watch Cardi’s sit-down with The Breakfast Club in the video above.

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