Cardi B Gifted Offset A Brick Of $500,000 For His Birthday

Cardi B showed her husband Offset just how much he means to her—in the form of cash. The Migos rapper turned 28 Saturday and celebrated with a huge party in downtown LA. For his gift, Cardi knew he had all the cars, jewelry, and shoes he needs. So, instead, she gifted him a brick of cash made up of $500,000.

Cardi taped the gift-giving and uploaded it to Instagram. “What else can I give someone who has everything?” she said. “The fridge!” Offset turned around to see a giant stack of cash set out in the refrigerator behind him. “You better go count that,” someone behind Cardi yelled. As Offset picked up several stacks of $100, Cardi informed him that the entire amount equaled $500,000. “You can buy me more Birkin bags,” she joked. “Don’t expect no Christmas gift from me motherf*cker,” she added. “Only for the kids.”

The remainder of Offset’s birthday party included strippers and food delivered by Uber eats. The delivery service partnered with Migos after Quavo posted a video of his trunk filled with Popeyes chicken sandwiches, jokingly selling each one for $1,000. At his party, Offset made sure his guests had more than enough of the coveted sandwiches to go around.