Neighbors Called The Police On Cardi B And Offset’s Daughter’s Birthday Party

Cardi B and Offset threw their daughter Kulture a second birthday party for the ages over the weekend, but it seems that either they partied a little too hard or have some really nosy neighbors. During the party, Cardi posted videos to Instagram Live showing police officers showing up to the party over noise complaints. Her caption read, “We was too loud I guess,” while Cardi continued to enjoy a martini despite the officer’s presence behind her.

It seems that things were sorted out in relatively short order, as Cardi went back to posting video of the festivities, including Offset’s hilariously accurate impression of Michael Jackson dancing. There was also a huge pile of presents and a walking tour, where Cardi showed off a mask station (the masks were printed with Kulture’s name) with gloves and sanitizer, a cotton candy machine, and adult beverages for the chaperones.

Kulture seemed to have a prolific birthday, with presents ranging from a Power Wheels Bugatti to a tiny Patek Philippe watch (Future is going to be livid when he finds out they got away with that one). The entire family appeared to be all smiles throughout the party, although that mask station didn’t seem to get too much work. Hopefully everyone remains healthy despite the faux pas.

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