Cardi B Explains The Historic And Personal Significance Of ‘Up’ Debuting At No. 2 On The Hot 100 Chart

WAP” is a tough act to follow, but the way Cardi B sees it, with “Up,” she isn’t following “WAP”; While “WAP” was a collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, “Up” is her first solo single since 2019’s “Press.” Cardi hoped to top the success of “Press” with “Up,” and indeed she did, as the new song’s debut at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart eclipses the No. 16 peak that “Press” achieved, which left Cardi pleased with herself.

Sharing the chart on Twitter yesterday, she wrote, “Just landed and my wifi back poppin .I want to say thank you to all my fans and supporters this is BIG for me .I wanted to beat my last solo single number & I over succeeded.First time a female rapper debut top 5 since Lauren.This is pop girl sh*t but I’m not pop.”

She revealed the chart placement was a good pick-me-up after a bit of a low point, tweeting, “At the beginning of last week I was crying because one single post put my confidence down.She needs promo , she’s a flop, she needs help erasing the fact I been constantly winning.I had to brush it off remind myself I beat records wit my last record & now boom .Chart too high.” She went on to thank her fans, writing, “I want to thank my fans with the bottom & top of my heart .Ya remind of me .The underdogs.So underestimated but show the f*ck out when it’s time .I really can’t believe this .I told a couple of yall I don’t care about a number 1 a top 5 is a big win for me.”

Cardi apparently then faced some backlash over bragging, as she tweeted, “Naaaa naaaa Let me talk my big cash sh*t f*ck outta hereeeeee !!!Last Monday when I announced my single ya was in here clockin and talkin sh*t bout my twitter likes as in I’m not most hated on this app.Now that I prove motherf*ckers wrong imma brag on it on GANG !” She then responded to claims that she obsesses over he chart placements: “It’s obsessive when I do it but not when other people brag about it right ? When I win it’s a problem but when other artist discoun’t their sh*t and do hundred things to debut high it’s not chart obsessed.Artist should be happy ass fuk when they debut high ALL OF THEM !

She then concluded, “I was talkin my hot sh*t earlier but on some real sh*t THANK YOU EVERYONE .BARDIgang , GP ,music listeners ,people who listen on their stories ,tiktokers ,artist ,blogs, YouTubers EVERYONE who help my record go #2 billboard .I appreciate it more then ya ever think !”

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