Carrie Underwood And Ludacris’ ‘Champion’ Video Goes Hard On Inspirational Imagery

Not even DJ Khaled could have cooked up this collaboration. Originally written for Super Bowl LII, Carrie Underwood‘s “Champion” with Ludacris has gone to No. 1 on iTune’s Top Songs chart in 10 countries, including the US, and now, it receives an inspirational music video directed by Jimmy Lynch.

While the performance scenes are pretty straightforward, with Underwood singing in the recording studio and Luda performing his quick-hitter verse in what appears to be an empty train terminal, but the highlight here is the scenes of ordinary people achieving everyday goals.

Close-ups of real life heroes — soldiers, police, firefighters — are intercut with historical archive footage like the march on Selma, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the moon landing, reinforcing the message that perseverance conquers all challenges.

Because it’s a song from a sporting event, there are plenty of athletes, both pro and amateur, winning championships, stealing bases, dunking basketball, and knocking out foes, but there are also cancer survivors embracing their loved ones and students achieving academically as well.

While it make come across as schmaltzy to some, in real life, sometimes people need a little extra motivation and inspiration to keep going, so good on Luda and Carrie for putting aside ego to do something positive for the people.