Casanova Was Charged With Attempted Murder In Relation To His Federal Racketeering Case

It’s been nearly a year since Casanova, born Caswell Senior, was arrested on racketeering charges and more after the FBI connect him to a gang known as the “Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation.” The rapper was one of 18 members arrested and each was accused of firearm possession, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and unemployment fraud, all of which were wrapped under the racketeering charge. Unfortunately for Casanova, things have gotten worse for him as he was recently charged with attempted murder in relation to the racketeering case.

According to a report from XXL, the additional charge came through a superseding indictment that was handed down earlier this week. Casanova and another individual are being charged for an alleged shooting that took place at Miami’s King Of Diamonds on October 24, 2020. The charge claims he and one of his co-defendants Jarrett “Jaycee” Crisler Jr. were at the club when a rival gang member took issue with Casanova for throwing up his gang sign. The victim said, “Yo homie, wrong sign,” and Casanova replied, “You want to die tonight?” Words were exchanged before Casanova and Crisler Jr. shot two people.

The victims were taken to the hospital shortly after and treated for their wounds. Investigators discovered Casanova and Crisler’s alleged involvement in the incident after seeing Crisler brag about the shooting through text messages on his phone.

“We had been informed that the government intended to supersede the existing indictment and add charges against Mr. Senior,” Casanova’s attorney, James Kousouros said to XXL in response to the new charge. “This was expected. We have been investigating the incidents charged for months and Mr. Senior fully intends to contest these charges at a trial. He is confident of his exoneration. He surrendered voluntarily when he learned of the indictment last year. He did not run or hide. He looks forward to his day in court.”