Baha Banks Hits The Strip Club With Chance The Rapper To ‘Shake Dat Ass’ In Her New Video

Chance The Rapper may be hip-hop’s ultimate wife guy, but that doesn’t stop him from spitting his raunchiest verse in years on Baha Banks’ new song “Shake Dat Ass” or accompanying her to the strip club for some non-social distanced debauchery in the song’s video. Directed by Armani Martin, the video has a pretty straightforward treatment. It’s a song about shaking dat ass, so the artists and their respective crews take over the gentlemen’s club to throw some bills while booties clap in their faces.

The song may come as a surprise to all the Chance fans who discovered him since his uber-positive Coloring Book rollout and may be something of a course correction for the Chicagoan since his “debut” album The Big Day met an uneven reception from fans (I maintain that it’s a really good album and maybe one day once the memes have died out, everyone else will admit it too). It’s certainly a huge look for Baha Banks, a new-ish artist whose first single just dropped in April of this year. Of course, thanks to big breakouts for fellow female rappers like Flo Milli, Mulatto, and Rubi Rose, the co-sign is both timely and crucial, helping to establish her footing amid the deluge of women breaking into hip-hop’s mainstream and whetting fans’ appetites for more.

Watch Baha Banks’ “Shake Dat Ass” video with Chance The Rapper above.