Chance The Rapper, MadeInTYO, And DaBaby Tear Up A Courtroom In The Comedic ‘Hot Shower’ Video

Chance The Rapper’s second video from his debut album The Big Day is “Hot Shower” and true to its features, MadeInTYO and DaBaby (especially DaBaby), it’s hilarious. The video features Jake Johnson, who gets threatened by a group of mobsters and calls Chance to bail him out. The rest of the video depicts The Rapper as a fitness instructor with cameos from Nickelodeon mainstays Kel Mitchell and “Quailman.” Meanwhile, TYO does donuts on a Nascar track while a twerking pit crew and all three rappers taking over a courtroom during DaBaby’s verse.

Chance previously put his acting talents on display in the first video from The Big Day was “We Go High,” which found the Chicago rapper rummaging through the skeletons in his closet to find his wife’s suitcase, a visual metaphor for the overall theme of the album. This weekend, he combined both his comedic chops and his thespian artistry during his second appearance as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live. During the rollicking hosting gig, he brought back his fan-favorite clueless Knicks correspondent Lazlo Holmes, broke down with laughter mid-sketch as Judge Barry, and kept space for Jesus between himself and Megan Thee Stallion during their performance of “Handsome.”

The Big Day is out now via Chance The Rapper LLC. Get it here.