Chance The Rapper Performs ‘Eternal’ With Smino And Gets Adorable Baby Gifts On ‘Ellen’

Chance The Rapper just announced he would be postponing his tour to spend more time with his family, but he has still kept busy since then. This week, he was a guest on an episode of Lights Out With David Spade, and now he has made an appearance on Ellen. During the episode, he and Smino performed The Big Day highlight “Eternal,” donning a slick white suit jacket with black pants.

He also sat down for a conversation with Degeneres, which focused on his new daughter. Degeneres noticed that Chance hasn’t posted a photo that shows off the baby’s face yet, so she played the role on police sketch artist as Chance described his daughter’s facial features. He also talked about his relationship with his wife, and how they have known each other since Chance was nine years old. He has explained the story before, about how he saw his future wife sing and was instantly enamored.

Degeneres also gave Chance some amazing gifts for his family: Overalls with appropriate names on them, like Marli The Baby and Kensli The 5-Year-Old, along with a new “4” hat to replace his signature “3” hat and represent his now-larger family.

Watch Chance The Rapper chat with Degeneres and perform “Eternal” with Smino above.