Chance The Rapper Hit The ‘Good Morning America’ Stage With A ‘Big Day’ Mini-Concert

Getty Image

It’s probably become clear by now that Chance The Rapper is not only a distinctive presence in hip-hop, but he also wants to push the genre in new and unexpected directions and forums. He did just that earlier today, appearing on television to perform songs from his new album, The Big Day, on a show that usually doesn’t host the hottest rappers of the moment, but reaches an even bigger audience than the usual late-night talk show circuit: Good Morning America.

While GMA isn’t usually a stop for rappers promoting a new project, Chance is nothing if he isn’t a risk taker — as demonstrated by the eclectic mix of bright songs on the album. He chose five of his favorites as part of GMA‘s Summer Concert series in Central Park, performing to an enthusiastic audience who seems pretty amped to be able to see him in such an unusual venue. Chance is joined by his full band as well as a squad of exuberant dancers during his “Hot Shower” performance. Check out all five videos below, courtesy of Good Morning America.

“Do You Remember”

“Hot Shower”

“Let’s Go On The Run”

“Town On The Hill”

“We Go High”

The Big Day is out now via Chance The Rapper LLC. Get it here.