Chet Haze Said The N-Word Because Of Cocaine And The Stress Of Being Tom Hanks’ Son

Chet Haze (née Hanks) went all racist grandpa a few months ago in a rant about his right to use the n-word. Now, he’s apologized, blaming the rant on cocaine use and being the son of Tom Hanks.

“That stuff I was in the media about about the n-word and everything. I know a lot of y’all kinda understood the point I was trying to make, but the truth is, it’s not my place to speak on that and I’m genuinely sorry for the people that I offended.”

Haze admitted that his very public struggles are not the way he wants to be remembered, and noted that he’s just trying to figure himself out.

“That’s not who I am. That’s not who I want to be. And it’s been a long journey for me discovering who I am because of all the pressures I’ve dealt with in my life being the son of my dad.”

Chet also countered the gossip tabloid narrative that he’s been kidnapped, saying that he’s in rehab looking to beat a cocaine addiction.


“I know my name’s been in the media about me going missing or getting kidnapped or something. I want to let y’all now, I’ve been in rehab trying to get my sh*t together and I’m doing pretty damn good, you know what I’m saying? … I was selling coke, doing coke until I couldn’t even snort it up my nose anymore because it was so clogged. I even smoked crack… I just had to really take a look at myself and my life and the way sh*t was going… and admit to myself that it wasn’t working.”