Chika Crafts A Superhero Theme Song With The Triumphant ‘My Power’

Newly honored XXL Freshman Chika has even more reasons to celebrate this week, as she makes her film debut today with the release of Netflix’s Project Power. Not only does she have a role as main character Robin’s best friend, she also wrote all of the character’s raps for the film. Robin’s an aspiring rapper, so her rhymes needed to be airtight and Chika not only ensures that, she also provides the film’s theme song, “My Power,” which dropped last night with the movie’s premiere on Netflix.

In addition to making her acting debut and securing the big bag for screenwriting a main character’s rhymes, Chika is fresh off the release of her new single, the lush “U Should” and a surprising Instagram Live session with an OG of the game. Snoop Dogg crashed Chika’s recent live session with her fans to give her plenty of praise and work out plans to collaborate on a Black country song sometime in the near future. Meanwhile, Chika’s reaction to being selected as a Freshman and her snappy comebacks to mean tweets about her selection are further highlights of the week worth checking out.

Listen to Chika’s “My Power” above.

Chika is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.