Childish Gambino Doesn’t Think He’s The Best Rapper In His Family

Donald Glover is good at music. His Childish Gambino albums have all charted highly and he earned a No. 1 single in 2018 with “This Is America.” If you ask him, though, he’s not the best rapper out there. In fact, he doesn’t even think he’s the best rapper in his family.

This afternoon, Glover made a rare appearance on his Twitter account to talk about the viral “Get Your Booty To The Poll” PSA that generated some attention online recently, revealing that he nearly played a part in it. He also mentioned his brother Stephen Glover in the same tweet, in which he wrote, “also, Angela Barnes Gomes (‘atlanta’ alum) made those ‘get ur booty to the polls’ yall love/hated so much. she asked me to rap on it, but @Steve_G_Lover is a better rapper…so [shrugging emoji].”

These days, Stephen Glover is best known for his work writing on Atlanta, but he started making music when he was 17 years old and has dropped a handful of projects since 2011. Meanwhile, Donald Glover is fresh off the release of his latest Gambino album, 3.15.20, which he released, as the title suggests, on March 15 of this year. He also recently suggested that he like has more Gambino material coming up at some point.