Diners Can Finally Feast On Lady Gaga’s Infamous ‘Meat Dress’

One of the first times Lady Gaga really grabbed people’s attention, even those not tuned into the world of pop music, was when she wore a dress made of meat. You wear a dress made of raw flank steak to the MTV Video Music Awards and people are going to pay attention, which is kind of the point. However, in the wake of Gaga’s meat dress, wearing raw animal carcass did not really catch on. Now, though, many years later, at least the now Golden Globe winning actress’ dress has inspired a meal at a restaurant in China.

There is a hotpot restaurant in China that wraps a Barbie in meat and serves it to you. You pull the meat off the doll and then eat it, leaving you, one assumes, with a nude Barbie doll. There are a few quibbles to have about this. One, the restaurant’s meat dresses don’t look anything like Gaga’s dress. Two, some people have some issues with the idea of stripping meat off a lady’s body and then eating it. Third, and perhaps most pressingly, eating meat off a Barbie doll at a restaurant in China is really weird and kind of gross.

However, if you ever desired to eat Lady Gaga’s meat dress, this is probably as close as you will ever get. Should you be able to get yourself to China, that is.

(Via Eater)