Cloud Nothings Announce Their Energetic New Album With An Intense New Single, ‘The Echo Of The World’

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Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings have been one of the most productive bands in indie rock this decade, releasing five albums since 2011 (counting the collaborative record with Wavves). They’ve also been one of the noisiest and most rocking groups in recent memory, which they’re setting out to prove on their new album: The band has announced that Last Building Burning will be out on October 19 via Carpark Records.

The announcement is accompanied by “The Echo Of The World,” a characteristically energetic rocker that sees the band playing with a hard post-hardcore edge and at a breakneck pace. Press materials describe the album as “an extension of the band’s live performances, capturing the frenetic energy that’s characteristic of their shows and infusing the jagged unpredictability of guitars that [frontman Dylan] Baldi feels is missing in modern rock today,” and Baldi says of the record, “I’m obsessed with the idea of energy at the moment. That’s how I thought of this record: seven short, and one long, bursts of intense, controlled chaos. I wanted to make that come across in a way that can actually be felt.”

Listen to “The Echo Of The World” above, and check out the Last Building Burning art and tracklist below, as well as the band’s upcoming tour dates.

Carpark Records

1. “On An Edge”
2. “Leave Him Now”
3. “In Shame”
4. “Offer An End”
5. “The Echo Of The World”
6. “Dissolution”
7. “So Right So Clean”
8. “Another Way Of Life”

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