Coi Leray Tries To Explain — And Refute — Why Fans Keep Comparing Her To Dej Loaf

Ever since blowing up in late 2020 with her breakout single “No More Parties,” New Jersey rapper and XXL Freshman Coi Leray has put up with a frankly ridiculous amount of scrutiny. While she brings some of it on herself — while her XXL Freshman freestyle was fun, she could have guessed that it’d draw as much backlash as it did — a lot of it stems from the double standards surrounding women in the music industry, as well as unfair comparisons fans have drawn between her and other female rappers… especially Dej Loaf, who many say she sounds like.

And while there are some similarities in the singsong flow she uses on “No More Parties” and the usual cadence of Dej’s hits like “Body” and “Me U & Hennessey,” a deeper look at Coi’s catalog reveals more variety than the first glance assumption many have made about her. In a recent tweet, she addressed one fan’s accusation that she “bit” Dej Loaf’s style, pointing out how many other songs of hers don’t sound like the Detroit rapper’s at all, and offered her own explanation for why fans can’t help comparing them.

“Maybe it’s the tomboy stud vibe we have in common,” she mused, “but we do not sound alike. From “No More Parties” to “Big Purr” and “Twinnem,” n**** you cannot tell me we sound alike.” That’s leaving aside earlier tracks like “Huddy,” in which she employs a more clipped, straightforward flow, or new ones such as “Medicine,” which honestly sounds more like something Playboi Carti would make. Meanwhile, for her part, Dej Loaf seems to have taken the newer rapper’s rise in stride, preferring to focus on promoting her own works, like the 2020 sequel to her own star-making mixtape, Sell Sole.