Coi Leray Demands Loyalty And Denounces Yes Men In Her Exuberant ‘Twinnem’ Video

Coi Leray has no time for leeches who sit at the table without bringing anything to it. That’s the theme of her new single “Twinnem,” in which she shouts out her most loyal friends and tells everybody else to kick rocks. The video for the song finds Coi taking over a sprawling mansion and golf course with her nearest and dearest as she raps over a thumping bass drum and joyful organs in her now-signature slurred chirp. She also throws on some menswear in the form of a white dinner jacket for a reading room shindig with the homies — a true style icon in the making.

Coi’s breakout year has seen some ups and some downs but she isn’t complaining. After “No More Parties” became her entry to the upper echelons of rap notoriety, Coi went from relative unknown to XXL Freshman in a matter of months as well as making her television debut and moving up to the big stages at festivals like Rolling Loud.

Her rise to stardom wasn’t appreciated by everyone, though; her XXL Cypher verse was criticized by fans when she took an editorial directive to have fun a little too literally. Her BET look was also the subject of some cyberbullying on Twitter, but none of that has stopped her from enjoying herself and continuing to drop exemplary singles like “Okay Yeah,” “At The Top,” and “Twinnem.”

Watch Coi Leray’s “Twinnem” video above.