Conway The Machine Gets This Grub On During His NPR Tiny Desk Concert

COVID-19 forcing NPR to close its DC offices has proven to be something of a blessing in disguise for the network’s Tiny Desk Concert series, as the closure has opened up the slate of artists to appear on the show. Whereas real-life schedules once made it difficult to arrange appearances, holding the Tiny Desk Concerts at home has also given artists a wider range of options for their shows.

Case in point, the latest artist to appear is Griselda Records’ Conway The Machine, who stretches the “at-home” classification of his performance by taking over a booth at New York’s Sweet Chick restaurant. Not only does this provide an interesting change of scenery that still fits the theme of the show, it allows for some dynamism in his otherwise low-key performance as he still receives service. Cleverly, he has a server drop off a mason jar of lemonade as he performs “Lemon.” Chicken and waffles appear on his plate as he performs “Front Lines” after a short speech about ongoing protests against police violence. And keep an eye out for the digital scale on the table, as it just wouldn’t be a Griselda affair without some overt coke-game reference props.

Conway’s new album From King To A God is out now.

Watch Conway The Machine’s NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert above.