As The Coronavirus Spread Continues, Soulja Boy’s Soap Company Is Apparently Doing Very Well

Soulja Boy’s life has been eventful over the past year or so. In early 2019, he started selling various products online, like bootleg video game consoles and Apple Watch alternatives, but some fans complained they never got what they ordered. In July, he was released from prison early after he violated his probation. Early this year, he was reportedly sued by a woman he allegedly kidnapped.

It’s been quite the ride for Soulja, and now things seem to be on an upswing for the rapper-turned entrepreneur: TMZ reports that due to the coronavirus, a soap company Soulja invested in is doing quite well.

Soulja is apparently invested in a soap company called The Soap Shop, as he and his manager, CEO Miami Mike, went in on a franchise location in South Haven, Mississippi together. Since people are looking to get their hands on soap and other disinfecting products as a precautionary measure, it seems business is booming. TMZ notes that overall, The Soap Shop has gone from selling 100 bottles of product per month to moving over 3,000 units over the past two months. Soulja’s location has apparently tripled its sales during the same window.

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