DaBaby Addresses The Criticism That He Never Switches His Flow

Ever since blowing up in 2019 with two hit albums, DaBaby has been fielding customer complaints that suggest he’s a one-trick pony, unable to switch up his full-auto Kalashnikov flow. While he touched on the topic on his latest album, Blame It On Baby, he largely continued to use the same cadence, leading even more listeners to criticize his supposed inability to slow down his high-speed rhyme rate. Today, on a special quarantine edition of The Breakfast Club, he finally cleared the air, suggesting that if he changed up too quickly, fans would still have negative complaints.

“You gotta gradually pull people in different directions,” he explains. “As far as switching the flow, I have no problem running circles around any one of these n****s.” As to why he hasn’t done so yet, he says, “I couldn’t find myself entertaining that. I could joke about it, like I joke about everything else… but I could never take that sh*t too serious.” He elaborates that, “If I switch it too quick, you ain’t gon’ like it… When you got something going, you would be a fool to step on your own toes and go left with it.”

DaBaby says he could easily make a conscious record like J. Cole but suggests patience on fans’ parts. Clearly, he believes he has a lot more to offer, but it may take a while for us to get it.

Watch DaBaby’s interview with The Breakfast Club above.