DaBaby Declares He And Another Rapper Are The ‘Best Rappers Alive’

Whenever somebody discusses any sort of ranking of the greatest rapper ever, it tends to generate a lot of discussion, as pretty much everybody has a different opinion on who is truly the best. It seems like every day, some famous music figure makes a declaration about who the elite rappers are, and now it’s DaBaby’s turn.

In an Instagram post from over the weekend, he declared that he and Lil Wayne are the “best rappers alive.” Sharing photos of himself and Wayne in the studio, he captioned his post, “Best rappers alive,” then tagged Wayne and added a goat emoji. He later shared the post on his Instagram Story and added, “Wayne music was our Bible!”


This is certainly not the first time DaBaby has publicly discussed his admiration for Lil Wayne. In late 2019, for example, DaBaby was asked about the one rapper he would like to collaborate with, and he responded, “I got a song with Lil Wayne. That was amazing so I’m good. That’s the GOAT in my era, that’s the GOAT. That’s probably who I was most influenced by music-wise growing up.”

Meanwhile, Eminem recently gave his pick for the best rapper ever, and his selection is… nobody.