DaBaby Brought Out Tory Lanez At Rolling Loud And Megan Thee Stallion Fans Are Livid

It looks like the return of live shows has deepened the rift between former friends and collaborators DaBaby and Megan Thee Stallion rather than bringing them closer to reconciliation. Despite being booked just one set after Meg at this past weekend’s Rolling Loud festivities, DaBaby used the opportunity to reinforce his position, aligning himself closer to disgraced Canadian rapper Tory Lanez by bringing him out to perform their collaboration, “SKAT.”

This is, of course, after Megan Thee Stallion accused Tory of shooting her last summer after a Hollywood party. Since then, Tory has maintained his innocence — although he’s yet to offer a satisfactory alternative explanation in many fans’ eyes — and the two had settled into a chilly silence, which Lanez occasionally broke to offer more suggestions that he was “framed” and Megan is lying. However, the simmering feud threatened to boil over when Tory shared a snippet of his and DaBaby’s “SKAT” video in January.

That led to Megan’s fans condemning DaBaby for working with someone they see as her abuser, although Megan stepped in at the time to clarify that the song was recorded prior to her getting shot and that DaBaby had withdrawn his support for the song. But then, the video was finally released in June, prompting a very public falling out between the two former friends as DaBaby tried to claim neutrality and Megan expressed her feelings of betrayal.

DaBaby, ever the contrarian, appears to have doubled down by bringing out Tory to perform with him at Rolling Loud, which included a theatrical reveal from within a DaBaby mascot costume. Video of the reveal on social media sparked a similar response to the one in January, but it doesn’t seem likely that Megan will come to DaBaby’s defense this time.

See fans’ responses below.