DaBaby Does The ‘Nate Robinson Challenge’ While Hanging Out With Jake Paul

DaBaby is a rapper who is well-known for his sense of humor and love for trolling. His videos are full of funny imagery and he’s maintained a detached sense of amusement on social media, even when fans call for his head. So when Twitter lit up with the so-called “Nate Robinson Challenge” — basically, “planking” from a few years ago — after the NBA star was knocked out by Jake Paul during their exhibition match on Saturday, DaBaby was entertained enough by the meme to perform the pose himself while in the studio with Paul a few days later.

Nate seems to have taken the defeat — and subsequent trolling at his expense — in stride. He posted a pair of humble messages to his Instagram, thanking his fans and NBA brotherhood for their support, and graciously expressed his appreciation for the opportunity, even if he didn’t quite receive the outcome he would have liked.

Jake Paul, meanwhile, exploited the attention with a new song, “Park South Freestyle,” and began challenging even more fighters such as Conor McGregor (he might regret that one if McGregor accepts). For his part, DaBaby appears to be hard at work on music once again, despite releasing an EP honoring his late brother just weeks ago.

Check out DaBaby’s Nate Robinson Challenge entry above.