A Golden Treasury Of Planking

You probably already heard a man in Australia fell to his death while “planking” (AKA playing the Lying Down Game), a trend where a person is photographed lying flat in an odd place with their arms stiffly at their sides.  The death has led to Australian schools and businesses cracking down on planking; six students in Queensland were suspended for planking and eight Woolworths employees were fired for planking on the job.  As can be expected, when people are told they can’t do something, it becomes 869% more entertaining to do it.  Exactly 869%.  That’s just science.
With those important statistics in mind, we’ve collected some of our favorite planking photos:


Another planking dog

Damon Lindelof, co-creator and executive producer of Lost, planking on his coffee table.  Holy crap, he uses the hatch as his coffee table.  Like a boss.

Multi-story group planking at a tourist attraction?  Bonus points.

Yes, that’s Flava Flav.

Karren and Jinyu call themselves the “Pujie Girls”, which translates as “falling on the street” in Mandarin.  They’re the most famous plankers in Taiwan, which sounds about as financially-rewarding as being the best-known mime in Poughkeepsie.  They do have almost 100,000 fans on Facebook however, so that’s something, which is nice.

Here’s Karren from the Pujie Girls planking outside Taiwan’s National Theatre last week.

Apple Store employees are also getting into the trend. (more at AppleStorePlanking)

I’m not convinced she’s planking.  I think those clowns killed her.

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