Daddy Issues Is The Girl Power Grunge Band That You Need To Know About Right Now

04.11.17 2 years ago

Vocalist and guitarist Jenna Moynihan was at a DIY show in her hometown of Nashville when she saw the phrase “daddy issues” scrawled on the bathroom wall. Intrigued by the mere scribble, Moynihan was sure that “daddy issues” had to be the band name of a female punk supergroup, but she was mistaken. And so, she felt she needed to make this a reality and Daddy Issues was born.

Originally, Moynihan, alongside friends Jenna Mitchell and Emily Maxwell, created Daddy Issues, the band, as a parody Twitter account, but quickly decided to take on the task of becoming self-taught musicians and turning tweets into song lyrics. The trio first gained attention when Nashville’s Infinity Cat Recordings shared their song “Ugly When I Cry” on Soundcloud. The grungy track quickly got 200K hits as many women can easily relate to the track’s opening line: “I hate girls on TV, they’re much prettier than me.” Listen to this little web sensation below.

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